Sou-Wes Yonguni Diving StaffSou-Wes Yonguni Diving Staff Kihachiro Aratake
Kihachiro Aratake
Kihachiro Aratake Data
Owner of Sou-Wes Diving and Hotel Irifune (Irifune Enterprise)
License CMAS EX instructor
International Association Nitrox & Technical Divers #130868
Advanced EANx Diver
CCR Inspiration Diver
Kihachiro was born in Okinawa Prefecture, Yonaguni City in 1947 and has spent most of his life getting to know the seas around Okinawa and in particular around Yonagunijima. A pioneer in exploratory diving, since discovering the underwater monument off the coast of Yonagunijima in 1986 he has overseen numerous research trips to the site (including a visit from the late great skin diver Jacques Mayol), given interviews for the press and appeared in several documentaries. His mission is to spread the word about these mysterious structures which challenge some of the most fundamental historical assumptions about the birth of civilization.
Sou-Wes Yonguni Diving Staff Shotaro Maja
Shotaro Maja
Shotaro Maja Data
License CMAS 4 star guide instructor
Favorite point Great Hall (underwater monument)
Born 1986, Yonagunijima
Languages Japanese and Chinese
Special characteristics High energy!
Sou-Wes Yonguni Diving Staff Takashi Kanazawa
Takashi Kanazawa
Takashi Kanazawa Data
License CMAS 4 star guide instructor
Favorite point Souwes
Born 1975, Osaka
Languages Japanese
Special characteristics Likes to go to bed and get up early.
Sou-Wes Yonguni Diving Staff Hideto Hara
Hideto Hara
Hideto HaraData
License CMAS 4 star guide instructor
Favorite point Danu Drop
Born 1969, Osaka
Languages Japanese and Bahasa Malaysia
Special characteristics Equipment maintenance.
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